About Real Stars

Rose Muiu

Rose Muiu

Real Stars is a Christian non-governmental charity organization, registered with the government in April 2007. Real Stars was founded by the Kenyan Social Worker Rose Munyiva Muiu who has worked with street children for 14 years. She is the director of the organization and is supported by several members including:

Gideon Ochieng (Coordinator)
Clare Chepruto (Advocate)
Jacob Peters (Missionary)
Peninah Machoka (Lawyer)
Joyce Mcharo and James Kaniaru (Architect)


The children in our program come from a very poor background without enough money for even the most basic of needs such as food, shelter and education.

Real Stars  team

Real Stars team

Our Aim

In Kenya, children must, by law, go to school. However, only those whose parents can afford to pay for it do so. Without education children get stuck in their parent’s poverty and cannot have hope of alleviating their situation and thus the cycle is repeated. Because of the high school fees and the large number of children in a family, parents often are unable to educate their children.

Some of the children are orphaned or abandoned into the slums of Nairobi and the surrounding Provinces. Others live with their aunts or grandparents, who are unable to give them the support they need, because their parents are deceased. We at Real Stars help the children get the education they need and get them off the streets.

We have seen in each child a lot of potential that can be developed through practical help and support. Anytime we find a new sponsor, a new child comes into our program. We first make contact with the child and do a background check before proceeding to the next step of the program.

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