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Our Schooling Program

The children in our program are introduced to us through word of mouth from neighbours, friends, churches etc. We then visit the children in their homes in order to find out what they need.

We have all range of children both small and youth age therefore we cater for each level. We offer education to children from primary till university and some of our children are in Nazarene, USIU, Kenya Polytechnic, Catholic and Mt. Kenya Universities. The sponsor money goes directly to paying for each child’s school fees, transportation, accommodation, school uniform, school books and extras.

Despite mentoring the children we also pay school fees for them and walk with each child throughout their schooling and mentor. We also help some of the young adults who have gone through the program to start a small business such as cafes, kiosks, small workshops etc. We try to help each child stand on his/her own two feet in order to be self-sufficient and independent.

In a month we serve about 150 children. We are currently supporting over 90 children and teenagers in various schools around the country, and about 100 more are on the waiting list!


Our goal is to show the poor and helpless families Christian love, to help their children get better education and future job/business prospects.

Through sponsoring the education of a child you can give him more than a dream but real chances! For more information on how to sponsor a child klick here!

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