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Sponsor a Child

Financing sponsorship

Sponsor a Child

For you as a sponsor it is very important to know what has happened with the money that you have invested, which is why we would like to explain what happens with your money.

Our organization works together with the German organization “Real Stars – Freunde & Förderer” which sends the money from Germany to us in Kenya. The sponsorship for one child amounts to 50 Euro (about KES 5000) per month.

What we will do for you as a sponsor

For you as a sponsor it is necessary to get information about the child you are sponsoring, how he/she is doing in school, his/her progress and general updates. We will send you a report every four months to inform you about your child and once a year we will send you a photo of him/her.

What you can do

Perhaps you will ask what more you can do for your child besides sending financial support. A good thing to do would be to send letters and correspondence to him/her through which you can provide encouragement or mentorship.

Support Real Stars now!

If you want to support the work of Real Stars you can send your contribution by M-PESA if you are in Kenya.
Our “lipa na Mpesa” till number is 202981

If you intend to take up sponsorship for a child please send us the filled out form Form_Support or simply get in touch with us (contact us here)

To support Real Stars from Europe please use use our German bank account (klick here).


Currently we have more than 100 children on our waiting list.

 You can choose from our waiting list now! 

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