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Real Stars is a faith-based non-profit organization aiming to make good education and professional advice available to less advantaged children and challenged entrepreneurs in Kenya.

In Kenya, children must, by law, go to school. However, only those whose parents can afford to pay for it do so. Without education children get stuck in their parent’s poverty and cannot have hope of alleviating their situation and thus the cycle is repeated. Because of the high school fees and the large number of children in a family, parents often are unable to educate their children.

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We believe that education is a prerequisite for a life of self-responsibility and self-reliance. Real Stars assists children of financially overwhelmed parents to receive a proper school education. Furthermore we train and advise business people to expand their businesses to be more self-reliant.

More than 100 children are currently waiting for a sponsor so that they may go to school. Sponsor one of these children today! 

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Currently we have more than 100 children on our waiting list.

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